Hooray for Hollywood!!

The Oscar goes to…the donors, sponsors, bidders and attendees

of the 23rd Annual Saint Mary’s Auction!

Together we raised $144,000.00!!

Thank you for your support!


There are a limited number of spots available for the following sign-up parties:

Oktoberfest at the home of Lisa Lawrence
(hosts:  Lawrence, Cosby, Friedman-Harriman, Hare, Miller, Parker)

Tennis at BHCC with Father Barnes and Father Andrew
(hosts:  Allen, Jacobs, Keller, Kiesner, McMahon, Schwab, Wood)

Cornhole Tournament with BBQ
(hosts:  Battaglini, Cosby, Carosi, McGuinness, Meehan, Miller)

Ring in Spring with Father Barnes — Oyster Roast and Cookout
(hosts:  Adams, Berge, Moncher, Wiederman, Zajac)

Cupcakes and Cocktails
(hosts:  Casey, Carroll, Hepburn (Fore), Miller, Shannon)

Sparkling Wines from Around the World
(hosts:  Allen, Discher, Lewis, McHugh, O’Leary, Wiederman, Zottola)

2nd Grade Party End of Year Pool Party
(hosts: Snodgrass, Rice, Ben’Ary, McCallum, Dwyer, Cates, Painter, Roehl, Keller)

3rd Grade Party End of Year Pool Party
(hosts:  Costello, Gunderson, Philbin, Minkiewicz, Milito, Alfaro, Cedoz, Delaune, Campione, Shearer, Arras, Whitley, Goulet, McConnon, Christie, Scanlon, Porter-Magee, Wiederman)

4th Grade End of Year Pool Party
(hosts:  Alzona, Apostol, Bruce, McGuinness, Milito, Petz, Delaune)

Please contact Nancy Giblin (nancygiblin@comcast.net) or Mary Miller (mkdbam@verizon.net) to reserve a spot.

Again, thank you for making this year’s auction a FUN and SUCCESSFUL event!!  Hooray!!